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This going outside thing is going to suit me just fine I think, especially once it gets chilly.

This morning at the bus stop two kids were sitting on the stoop of a corner store smoking a joint. Lord, it does my heart good to see you kids having a nice time. Just don't waste your time and the police's by getting caught, listen to your aunt Lauren.

Got a counseling card that has a little mood pad--blue is calm, green is normal (calm isn't normal?), emergency orange is some tension, and black is tense. I was normal at school, calm at home, so I guess it really works as a diagnostic aid.

I'm pink from the heat and halfway to a blink in my ID photo--nailed it.

Hopefully my schedule will be evening classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday--Young Adult, Fiction I, and Short Stories respectively. [I eventually added Bibliography and Research on Wednesdays.]

I try not to laugh out loud when someone breaks into Serious Talk about the thesis novel; I've written a thesis, and several novels, and a novel based on my thesis, so I think I've got this in the bag. In fact, worst case scenario I get to the end of school and turn in one of the unpublished novels like I've been working on it the whole time. I'm not above that.


L.A. Fields
L.A. Fields
L.A. Fields is the author of The Disorder Series, the short story collection Countrycide, and My Dear Watson, a queer Sherlock Holmes pastiche. Her work has appeared in anthologies of horror, erotica, and academia.

She has a BA in English Literature from the New College of Florida, an MFA in Creative Writing - Fiction from Columbia College Chicago, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Aesthetic Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas.
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