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Motherfucking Adult
This going outside thing is going to suit me just fine I think, especially once it gets chilly.

This morning at the bus stop two kids were sitting on the stoop of a corner store smoking a joint. Lord, it does my heart good to see you kids having a nice time. Just don't waste your time and the police's by getting caught, listen to your aunt Lauren.

Got a counseling card that has a little mood pad--blue is calm, green is normal (calm isn't normal?), emergency orange is some tension, and black is tense. I was normal at school, calm at home, so I guess it really works as a diagnostic aid.

I'm pink from the heat and halfway to a blink in my ID photo--nailed it.

Hopefully my schedule will be evening classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday--Young Adult, Fiction I, and Short Stories respectively. [I eventually added Bibliography and Research on Wednesdays.]

I try not to laugh out loud when someone breaks into Serious Talk about the thesis novel; I've written a thesis, and several novels, and a novel based on my thesis, so I think I've got this in the bag. In fact, worst case scenario I get to the end of school and turn in one of the unpublished novels like I've been working on it the whole time. I'm not above that.