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Dangling Database

Columbia gives me access to a database that has all of the Chicago Tribune's newspapers from 1849-1988. TIME TO READ ALL THE INK ON LEOPOLD AND LOEB FOREVER. I'm pretty sure the Leopold and Loeb project will be my thesis novel, and man is this ever going to help.

Actually I have to hold off on reading the articles because I'm already in an animalistic frenzy over them, and I need to finish Repression first or I never will. This'll just have to be my incentive.

I think I'm about to confirm what I've already been told by my friends, that New College has vastly over-prepared me for graduate study. I even had one of my fellow incoming grads say something like, "I wish I had taken LSD and written a thesis!" I hope she manages it in grad school, because it's exactly as fun as it sounds.

Also I'm in with nothing but yankees and northerners--these folks tried to tell me that Chicago doesn't really have a fall. Nice try: if the leaves change color, you have a fall. Palms trees only change when a hurricane strips them bare or they die.


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Aug. 27th, 2012 03:51 pm (UTC)
Lolthefuck? Of course Chicago has a fall.

Yeah... yeah... I'll just go ahead and say it for the billionth time. New College really will make the grad school thing seem like a breeze most of the time. Well, not to say there won't be times you're pulling your hair out... but half of those times will probably be because of other people, as your brain screams, "Oh my god seriously people don't know this/haven't done this before?! No one's been told how to properly organize a paper? Seriously, I was told off for that a million times by Professor so-and-so, and I know not to do that anymore." Just make sure you've got plenty of extra space for a rapidly expanding ego when grad school starts.
Aug. 27th, 2012 10:12 pm (UTC)
They recommend only taking 9 credit hours a semester, but I'm gonna do four classes instead of three (putting me at 12 hours), just to hedge on what I've what I've heard from my fellow alums. I'm not working a job or anything, so this is the time to experiment with a little more coursework.

The reading is light for each class, so I assume all the work is a matter of writing output, which is much easier for me to do when I have a variety of things to write.
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L.A. Fields
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