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Writing Tips - L.A. Fields

I've been asked to share some author tips, and so here they are, three pieces of advice: Writing Tips - L.A. Fields

(Ignore that living in Texas bit; I don't really live here, I simply exist here, serving time like one does in prison, against one's will.)

Anyway, for you TL;DR types of readers, the short version of those tips is:

1. Listen to me.
2. Are you listening?
3. Don't listen to me.

That's good advice if you want to take it!


L.A. Fields
L.A. Fields
L.A. Fields is the author of The Disorder Series, the short story collection Countrycide, the Lambda Award finalist My Dear Watson, and Homo Superiors, a modern retelling of Chicago's Leopold and Loeb crime.

She has a BA in English Literature from the New College of Florida, and an MFA in Creative Writing - Fiction from Columbia College Chicago. She lives in Dallas, TX with a cat and a day job.
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