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Sherlockiana, She Wrote / Pandemic Daze / The Byrd & Fields Podcast

Sherlockiana, She Wrote

Live today: an interview between myself, L.A. Fields (My Dear Watson, 2013), and author Michelle Birkby (The House at Baker Street, 2016, and The Women of Baker Street, 2017), courtesy of The Studious Scarlets Society! Find out what inspired us to write historical/period fiction, our favorite pastiche interpretations of Sherlock Holmes, and whether or not we'd actually want to meet the man himself.

Read all about it here: Studying Scarlets - Interviews with The Studious Scarlets Society, L.A. Fields & Michelle Birkby.

I wanted to be part of a Sherlock Holmes Society ever since I read about them as a teenager, and that desire has manifested beautifully.

Pandemic Daze

As far as how I'm doing during these pandemic days, the short answer is: pretty okay, all things considered.

I've been unemployed since February, but I've been receiving regular and boosted unemployment benefits and have some savings I can rely on. I'm isolated with my cat, but outside of a couple of trips I hoped to take in 2020, that was the plan anyway—my previous job was work-from-home, and the only time I went farther than my mailbox since last November was to vote on Super Tuesday in early March. Shelter in place orders and social isolation are right up my alley.

I stay inside. I binge a lot of TV, news, and podcasts at 3x the speed (I'm either evolving or building an addict's tolerance to the entertainment drug). I appreciate the hell out of my cat and how healthy we both fortunately remain. I keep to a basic fitness routine so I don't start to atrophy, and I try not to drink too much (that one's touch-and-go). I call and message with friends and family every day. I read a little, and I write a little more than that.

If it weren't for the worry over how many have died due to COVID-19, how many will live with permanent health/financial/emotional damage from all this, how long it will last, and how weak the United States democracy is regarding public health response and racial inequality...I would almost be a having a pleasant time? This damn empathy is ruining what could have been a super-fun sociopathic summer, boo.

The Byrd and Fields Podcast

To stave off some of the nastier effects of isolation and dread, college friend Layla Byrd and I started a friendly little podcast that boils down to our tagline: conversations between generations. She's GenX, I'm a Millennial, and yet we get along! Weird. After checking in with one another and the hellscape dispatches that are the news of the day, our topics so far have included: growing up in Florida, taste in music, ideal home decor, book stories, booze stories, and more.

We have a website, Byrd and Fields, and can be heard via Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, or Archive.org. Follow us on Instagram whydon'tcha?
L.A. Fields

End of an Era

It's finally time to grow up: the fifth and final book in my YA series is out this month, called Fixation. Here's the summary:


In this last installment of The Disorder Series, these friends are finally forced to grow up.

Marley Kurtz is still looking for love when he discovers he’ll also need to look for a new job. Is college still an option? His best friend Missy survives another health scare, and tells her long-suffering boyfriend he needs to move on to be happy. Can she take her own advice? Marley’s ex-boyfriend Jesse bites off more independence than he can chew. When he comes crawling back, will anyone accept him?

No one is left untouched from the realization that they’ll have to change to move forward. Faces emerge from the past, relationships are tested, and the one thing that’s clear across the board is that complacency is not an option. Join these characters one more time as they grieve their mistakes, alter their behavior, and learn to prosper.


Double Quarterfinalists!

Along with being Quarterfinalists for the 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Competition, Tyson Kadwell and I are now Quarterfinalists for their Cinematic Book Competition as well! Our entry, Back to the Morgue, is an ensemble-cast commercial thriller (think The Big Chill meets Mysteries of Pittsburgh, with sprinkles of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on top). Currently unpublished, we're actively on the hunt for agent representation.

We're pleased, we're proud, we're cross-platform writers and it feels great!
L.A. Fields

Gay A Day

At long last, this collaboration is complete: Gay A Day is now available for pre-order (and on Amazon can be had for $5 off with promo code GIFTBOOK18)!

From pirates, politicians, and pornographers to starlets, serial killers, and saints, Gay a Day showcases a multicultural mosaic of real-life stories. Each day features the biography of a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or intersex person of note: their accomplishments, their loves, their tragedies, and their times. With every page you turn, you'll find beautiful heroics, chilling horrors, and secret histories that will scandalize you, and by the end of the year you'll be prouder than ever. A great read for people interested in the rich yet often hidden past of queer folk.

Take any year and make it queer, one day at a time!


Yesterday my MFA buddy Tyson Kadwell and I got the good news that one of our scripts (Breakneck, about North Carolina cold case detectives) is a quarterfinalist for the 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Competition!

Us and 660-ish others, the funniest part being that we wrote three scripts for another show (half brother paranormal detecting con-men), plus a spec episode for The Blacklist, and took super special care for both of those, then saw a deadline for a shorter show, and churned out Breakneck in a week. We weave chaff and shit gold apparently! Hilarious.


Hey Joe, whattaya know? My book got read on a podcast show!

The Smartest Man in the World - "Franklins"

Listen at the episode link above (starting at minute 13:50) to find out just how good my gay Sherlock Holmes book sounds when Greg Proops reads from it! Also listen to the rest of it to appreciate the blue wave of interesting news he rode into the red desert of Texas (where I currently reside against my preference and will).

(Pictured: Kittens McTavish with my gift of fluffy orange balls.)